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Aihua Instrument staff Award Fund award ceremony
Date:2023-01-11        Hits:190        Back
 A journey of wind and rain, a journey of sunshine, all the way, all the way harvest. Is a year of elegance, cast the spirit of love, is a story string of love Chinese struggle chapter.
In this warm and beautiful day of late spring and early summer, "Hangzhou Aihua Instrument Staff Award Fund First Award Ceremony" was successfully held in the company's multi-function hall on the afternoon of May 20, 2022.
As early as the beginning of 2021, the founders Zhang Shaodong and Su Kuanhui donated 10 million yuan to set up "Hangzhou Aihua Instrument Co., LTD. Employee Reward Fund". The annual fund income will be used to reward outstanding employees of Aihua Instrument and its holding subsidiaries, and the fund will be operated and managed by the company's labor union. At the beginning of the meeting, Yuan Shaojing, chairman of the trade union of Hangzhou Aihua Instrument Co., Ltd. thanked the donors again on behalf of all employees, and briefly described the evaluation process of "employee reward fund".

In this selection, a total of 8 employees won the third prize of Hangzhou Aihua Instrument Employee Award Fund, 4 employees won the second prize, 2 employees won the first prize, and 1 employee won the special prize. Union president Yuan Shaojing, general manager Xiong Minghua, founders Zhang Shaodong, Su Kuanhui and his wife presented certificates of honor and bonuses to the above award-winning employees.
At the award ceremony, President Zhang Shaodong also awarded "Special Contribution Award" to Zhou Xiangchun, director of Quality Control Department. After graduating from school, Director Zhou Xiangchun has devoted his whole life to Aihua Instrument for thirty years. From the workshop director, production department supervisor to the person in charge of quality control department, no matter in which position, always meticulous to the work. When the company encountered difficulties, he was always the first to stand up for the company's interests. In the smooth development stage of the company, also can always be wary of danger, and actively offer suggestions. As the winner of the "Special Contribution Award", he has always been a role model for all Chinese to learn from.
At the end of the award ceremony, Chairman Zhang Shaodong, the donor, delivered a speech to all the employees, thanking the conscientious Aihua people for their contributions and hard work for the company over the years, and encouraging the award-winning employees to make persistent efforts and create new brilliance. At the same time, hope all the staff, continue to shine, create good results, for next year's podium!